Local train, Only 1 line, Only 1 train, Once every 2 hours.
But, Awesome scenery JR Meisho line runs once every 2 hours. You have to wait for 2 hours until next train comes, if you passed the train.
Quite inconvenient. But Great experience.Depart from city area and pass through rice field area, then reach to great nature changing for every seasons.
There is no local train such like JR Mesho line in Japan which the scenery changes variously within just 1 hour.


◆Timetable at Matsusaka station to Ise Yachi(伊勢八知)station

◆Timetable at Ise Yachi station to Matsusaka station.

◆You can use a "Japan Rail Pass". Detail is here.





After sightseeing in Ise and Toba, move to Matsusaka station on JR line, then change to JR Meisho line.
Please visit us "Misugi Resort Hotel ANNEX".
You get off at "Ise Yachi (伊勢八知)"station.

If you want visit other places in Misugi, we recommend you to get TAXI. But there is no English speaker. Please inquire us.



※Because of a landslide caused by the typhoon several years ago,
buses run instead of trains inside Misugi area.
In 2016, all line will restore completely.
Now you have to transfer from train to bus at "Ieki(家城)" station.
It is a small station, and a bus will stay in front of exit (there is only 1 exit.). You can find and transfer easily.



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