Welocome to Shangri-La "Misugi"



Welocome to Shangri-La "Misugi"

The story of Misugi village.

Situated in a mountain valley in Tsu city, Mie Prefecture, central Japan, Misugi is a small village bordering on Nara Prefecture. Many historical sites which date back to Muromachi period can be found across the village, and its natural beauty was recognized as a ‘Forest Therapy Base’ only in Tokai area.
Thanks to forestry, Misugi used to be in good financial shape and the increasing number of cheap imported wood, however, caused the forest industry to decline and the population of young people to decrease. In the last two decades, the population of Misugi dropped from 9,000 to 5,000 and is now called a super-depopulated area.


What is "Inaka Tourism"?


“Connect the real life of rural Japan with tourism” Misugi has abundant tourist resources with beautiful scenery, majestic nature, and a variety of culture. Inaka (=rural area) Tourism aims to transmit Misugi’s appeal to the world and revitalize regional communities.


The vitality of Misugi


Misugi is a village filled with vivacity and energy. You will witness professional individuals in various fields who give support to our land!



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Hinotani Onsen Misugi Resort
515-3421 Mie Prefecture, Tsu , Yachi 5990

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